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Children, Adolescents, Adults

LGBTQIA+ Youth and Gender Identity, Parenting, Family Dynamics, Behavior Management, Body Positivity and Fat Liberation, Anxiety

As the Owner of Mass Bay Counseling I am so thankful to be surrounded by such a kick ass team dedicated to supporting our community.  Since taking over the practice in 2018 I have been focused on making sure that Mass Bay continues to be a well-known and trustworthy practice, the way it has been since it was first founded in 1988.  

I practice from a progressive, intersectional feminist, fat-liberation, anti-racist, gender-affirming framework – whew that’s a lot of descriptors!  In practice, this often means working on unapologetically loving all the parts of yourself, despite other messages you may have gotten throughout your life.  It also means recognizing that larger systems– the patriarchy, diet culture, capitalism– have very real effects on individuals, and we are often taught to internalize those effects as personal faults rather than challenging the systems themselves.

I believe the therapeutic relationship is the strongest predictor of someone feeling therapy is useful for them (which is backed by research!).  I see therapy as a collaborative and interactive experience where I work with my clients to move towards a space of better self awareness and understanding.  I like using a solution focused approach that is a mix of challenging our unhelpful thought patterns (also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), humor, and positive psychology.  My clients would describe me as energetic, engaging, and authentic.

I especially love working with trans and gender diverse kiddos and their families so they can live authentically happy lives, and have had vast experience working within a multidisciplinary team to provide gender affirming care.  I also have a passion for working with clients who are trying to reclaim their relationship with their body while dealing with diet culture, fatphobia, and wildly unrealistic expectations from society as a whole.  

As a self-proclaimed geek therapist, I understand the therapeutic value of engaging in fandom spaces, cosplay, gaming, tabletop RPGs, fanfic, and all things nerd culture.  I regularly integrate these pieces with clients who feel they would be helpful.

For self-care I absolutely love seeing stage musicals, doing DIY projects around the house, and spending time with my pups!

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker #118357