Individual Counseling

People seek therapy for a number of reasons, ranging from coping with life’s challenges to relational difficulties and personal growth and development.  When working one on one with a trained therapist, our clients are able to explore their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in a safe and supportive environment.  This may include things like changing patterns of thinking and behaviors, or building new skills for managing stressors.  Sometimes the focus may be difficult experiences or traumas that have happened earlier in the client’s life.  By taking the time to better understand themselves clients find opportunities for positive personal growth and the possibility to live a happier, more authentic life.   

Family Counseling

Individuals are part of a system, and those systems affect us in a number of ways.  The relationships and dynamics we have within our families, whether those are families we are born into or families we choose to create, impact our lives on a broad scale.  Family counseling aims to improve these dynamics when families find themselves struggling with issues such as communication, healthy boundaries, behavioral issues, loss or trauma, adjustment to new circumstance, or conflict between family members.  By changing patterns of behaviors between family members, families can create a more supportive and loving system that encourages healthy, positive, and fulfilling relationships. 

Relationship Counseling

Romantic relationships are family systems on their own, and often deal with many of the same issues presented in family therapy.  However, romantic and/or sexual relationships often experience additional specific issues that may create challenges for the partners involved.  Adjusting to combining multiple lives into one, levels of intimacy and sexuality, identifying life and relationship goals all have their own specific sets of difficulties.  Our therapists work with you to build the skills to identify areas of positive growth and how to move forward together as partners.  We also provide a safe and supportive space for relationships of all different dynamics, constellations, and lifestyles.