Our Vision

We believe that every person deserves to live their life in way that is authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling.  Our mission is to support and guide the people we work with in finding best version of themselves in order to live happy and satisfying lives.

We take pride in hearing and respecting our clients needs and concerns and in providing the best possible care.  Our group is structured to allow each clinician to practice therapy according to their individual expertise.  When you call, our office manager is trained to assess your individual need and suggest which therapist is best suited for you.

Our referrals come primarily from our current and former clients, primary care physicians, attorneys and other professionals who know when they refer someone, the person will be seen within one week and will be connected to a therapist who has expertise in the area of their concerns.


Our History

Mass Bay Counseling of Marshfield was established in 1988 by Dr. Louis Schippers and Nate Murray, LICSW, two therapists who had a vision to create a group private practice that could serve the South Shore community.

Over the next several years Mass Bay Counseling of Marshfield continued to grow and expand, and in 1991 Dr. Donna McQuinn joined the practice, and by 1994 she became a partner.  Under this partnership, Mass Bay Counseling grew in reputation as a group of therapists who provide excellent care to the community they service. In 2001, Mass Bay Counseling developed an in home care business, Visiting Angels, and for the next ten years both businesses operated under the partnership.

In 2011, the original founders Dr. Schippers and Mr. Murray decided to devote their efforts to Visiting Angels wholeheartedly, and Dr. McQuinn remained as the sole owner of Mass Bay Counseling.  Dr. McQuinn continued to maintain Mass Bay’s excellent standing in the community by focusing on quality clinical care and honoring our dedication to the area.

Dr. Alyson Skok joined the practice as a clinician in 2016, and from early on was excited to be part of such a thriving and trusted group practice.  In early 2018, Alyson took over as sole owner and is dedicated to continuing to build Mass Bay’s legacy throughout the South Shore.  Dr. McQuinn remains with Mass Bay Counseling as one of our most respected (and busy!) clinicians and is enjoying her time to focus on her work with her clients.