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Our Services

Mass Bay Counseling has created several distinct consultation services. Combining specific problem resolution techniques with proven goal attainment technology, our consulting staff provides assistance to individuals in resolving significant obstacles in business, career and other important areas of life.

Personal Change(TM)

Men and women are more frequently questioning whether they are truly satisfied with their lives. Many face dilemmas balancing career success versus a quality family life; material gain versus making a positive difference; and most importantly, achieving balance amongst competing priorities. Our Personal Change Consultants specialize in helping individuals successfully integrate the most important aspects of their lives in order to create a balanced and achievable lifestyle. Through the unique skills, seniority and experience of the consulting staff, personal goals are addressed utilizing coaching, mentoring and consulting in a process imbued with integrity and solid judgment. Client’s remain focused and successful through this process.

Family Business Consultation

Problems in family businesses are usually less about business than they are about the unique and complex issues that arise in families. Often, what makes a family business so wonderfully unique and important can be the seeds of difficult problems. This can be addressed successfully to ensure a deepening and loving family bond within a growing and dynamic business venture.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Mass Bay Counseling’s team of professional counselors has established expertise in providing immediate on-site intervention to businesses, schools, and public safety organizations that have been affected by a traumatic event. Any incident that causes employees to experience unusually strong emotions has the potential to cause psychological symptoms for individuals and a disruption of productive work capacity for the organizations. Potential sources of need for Critical Incident Stress include:

Team member death or injury
Death of a child or young person (especially when abuse is involved)
Familiarity with the victim
Incidents with significant media coverage
Workplace threats or violence
Robberies, both armed and unarmed
Working under threatening conditions

Debriefings are opportunities to educate people about normal reactions to stress and to distinguish and alert participants to potentially worrisome complications. It provides a forum to process reactions to an event. Most importantly debriefings offer a safe place for all involved to rapidly strengthen their coping mechanisms and return to previous levels of productivity and life functioning.

Some organizations we have provided Critical Incident Debriefings for include:

The Federal Aviation Authority
The GAP retail clothing company
Boy Scouts of America, Old Colony Council, Massachusetts
Personal Performance Consultants, an EAP
Concern EAP